Behind a proxy: 2.8.2


Subsequent revision release in the 2.8 line is available. It brings couple of important improvements of existing features. The most notable ones are:

  • Better support for running Unity behind a proxy server (e.g. cloud loadbalancer). Unity can now be started on plain HTTP, what is useful if HTTPS is provided by the proxy. More importantly Unity can be configured to relay on X-Forwarded-For header to establish client’s IP. That’s important for reliable brute force attack detection and logging.
  • User can kill an in-progress external authentication (e.g. external OAuth started from Unity) from other browser tab, than the one that was used to initiate it.
  • Registration is now properly handling case when is configured with only external sign-up. That is when there is no option to setup a local account).
  • Unity now shows enquiries which have no user-editable controls on a form. Up to now in such situation user was shown an error. This can be used to present acknowledgment or simple agreement which is accepted merely by submitting a form – naturally care must be taken to provide proper information in equiry title or infobox.

There were also few additional smaller bugfixes. See version 2.8.2 changelog at Downloads page for details.