2.6.2 release


A second update in 2.6 release train is available for download. This release contains one important bugfix related to cache flushing. Caching of RDBMS data was introduced in version 2.6.1 so if you are on it, updating is highly recommended.

There is also a number of other updates:

  1. Thanks to community contribution by MatMaul the MITRE token verification code has been improved to have better interoperability (especially with Keycloak)
  2. In AdminUI one can now confirm email identities
  3. AdminUI allows for an alternative way of adding users to a group, without using drag’n’drop. It is convenient with very long groups list.
  4. User notification message template was enriched with custom parameters, which can be provided by REST interface. Therefore mailing Unity users is now much more practical.
  5. In certain situations when a slow redirect is triggered after Unity login, user had chance to click on authN screen another widget, leading to errors. Now it is blocked.

There are also some other bugfixes. See Downloads for more details.