2.6.2 release

Aug 31

A second update in 2.6 release train is available for

2.6.1 update

Aug 01

We are shipping the first, mostly bugfixing update of the

2.6.0 released

Jul 16

Exactly after two months another huge release 2.6.0 is shipped.

2.5.0 is finally out!

May 16

2.5.0 release, packed with new feature was published. Passwords are

2.4.2 patch with ORCID update

Mar 04

An subsequent update of the 2.4 series was rolled out.

Minor v2.4.1 release

Feb 11

A small bugfixing release was publishing, fixing some minor issues

Big changes in v2.4.0

Jan 28

A new release – this time packed with tons of

Unity 2.3.0 was released

Nov 03

HTML emails, reusable message templates and improved SAML metadata handling

Moving to GitHub

Oct 18

After a few days of intensive work Unity was moved

Unity 2.2.0 is available

Aug 31

If you want to use PAM authentication with Unity, or